Cody Simpson Drops Sea Shanty "Captain's Dance With The Devil"


Cody Simpson Drops Sea Shanty "Captain's Dance With The Devil"

Cody Simpson’s ‘Golden Thing’

Well, here’s something a little different to break up the usual bangers and ballads of New Music Friday! Cody Simpson returns with his first new single since “Golden Thing” (his ode to Miley Cyrus) and it’s a veritable sea shanty. Inspired by the Aussie singer/songwriter’s just-published collection of poetry, Prince Neptune, the stripped-back ditty throws it way, way back. “This young man is goin’ to die, cursed as soon as he saw the sky,” Cody sings over snare drums and guitar.

“He’s off to do the devil’s dance, waitin’ deep in hand with the man,” the 23-year-old croons on the chorus. “He’s off to do the devil’s deed and he’ll never see the shoreline again.” What’s the song about? “It’s a narrative about a young sailor yearning for freedom,” Cody tells Billboard. “A boy interested in rebellion from societal conventions. Interested in the rough life, the tough life, a life outside the law — a life at sea. I thoroughly enjoy telling stories in my music.” Listen to the hearty tune below.

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