Delta Goodrem Soars On “Keep Climbing”


Delta Goodrem Soars On “Keep Climbing”

After pressing pause on her music career to play Olivia Newton-John in a biopic, Delta Goodrem returned to the studio and got straight to work on her 6th album. The Aussie pop star, who has amassed nine number one hits at home, returns with a power ballad called “Keep Climbing.” It’s the kind of stripped-back, vocal showcase that Delta has perfected since breaking through with “Born To Try” and “Lost Without You” in 2002. “Packed my bags and I walk on foot, this was the time that I knew I should,” she begins the song over piano keys.

“There’s a fear in every step and I still love where I just left.” That takes us to the soaring chorus. “Two mountains — I’m caught in the middle, can’t see the forest before the trees,” Delta belts. “This climbing breaks me a little, but the hope inside of me that this lonely valley leads to a bridge over troubled dreams.” The track then veers into gospel on the bridge when the songbird sings “keep climbing, just keep climbing” with the help of a choir. It might just be her best single since “Wings.” Listen below.

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