Dinah Jane Returns With Sexy Bop "Missed A Spot"


Dinah Jane Returns With Sexy Bop "Missed A Spot"

Dinah Jane Drops ‘SZNS’

“Missed A Spot” is Dinah Jane’s third sexy banger in a row. If “Lottery” and “1501” were laced with innuendo, then the Fifth Harmony queen’s latest is downright instructional. “There’s something in the air and baby I know what you’re after,” the 22-year-old coos over J.R. Rotem’s bouncy beats. “It’s all in the details and every inch of me matters.” This is when she turns up the heat and, believe it or not, interpolates Men At Work’s ’80s-defining smash hit “Down Under.”

“I know you love it when you go down under, rain flowin’ — yeah, we makin’ thunder,” Dinah belts on the catchy chorus. “Finding shelter underneath these covers, Imma lay here ’til the end of summer.” The vocalist’s solo career is still in its very early stages, but this is her catchiest song by far. I’m not sure pop radio is ready for a cunnilingus-themed bop set to Australia’s de facto national anthem, but stranger things have happened. Listen to Dinah’s outrageous “Miss A Spot” below.

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