Don’t Sleep On Katy Perry’s “High On Your Supply”


Don’t Sleep On Katy Perry’s “High On Your Supply”

Album Review: Katy Perry’s ‘Smile’

Regardless of how many times you have listened to Katy Perry’s Smile, you’re missing a piece of the puzzle if you haven’t heard the Target bonus track. The pop star rails against influencer culture on the upbeat (yet surprisingly biting) “High On Your Supply.” “Your Instagram, embarrassing, living a poser life,” she begins the song over ILYA and Peter Karlsson’s snappy production. “Got bigger lips and paid friendships, but losing the light in your eyes.” However, this is not an attack. Katy is coming from a place of concern.

“I’m only here because I care, I know it’s a lonely road,” the new-mom croons. “I knew you when we had nothin’ and that’s why I don’t blow smoke.” That leads us to the instantly catchy chorus. “You got high on your supply, you fell in and now you’re trippin’,” Katy laments. “You got high on your supply, bought the hype and now you’re slippin’.” Thematically, it doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the album, which might explain why it was relegated to bonus track status. Nevertheless, it’s yet another reason not to sleep on the Smile era. Listen below.

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