Gianna Gianna Is Back With Mind-Melting “Suffer”


Gianna Gianna Is Back With Mind-Melting “Suffer”

Gianna Gianna’s ‘Unlocked’

Gianna Gianna kicked off the year by unleashing one of the most radical pop songs of 2020. “Unlocked” is positively conventional, however, in comparison to the discordant, mind-melting “Suffer.” The Queen of the underground scene has made a habit of breaking the rules, so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that she sets fire to convention on her latest offering. Produced by Raul Martinez, the disruptive bop is a jumble of industrial sounds, distorted vocals, otherworldly chants and subtle pop hooks.

There’s no denying that “Suffer” is an acquired taste, but Gianna Gianna has never been interested in the masses. Officially the coolest person in the room, the arthaus-pop artist has been a fixture of LA’s avant-garde live scene for years, combining dance, music and visuals in a weird and wonderful ways. Since signing with Manimal Vinyl, the full extent of Gianna Gianna’s mission to contort, snap and reinvent pop is slowly becoming apparent. Listen to the wildly inventive “Suffer” below.

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