Rachel Platten Returns With Uplifting Anthem “Soldiers”


Rachel Platten Returns With Uplifting Anthem “Soldiers”

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If anyone can lift our spirits in 2020, it’s Rachel Platten. After all, that’s kind of her thing. From 2015’s all-conquering “Fight Song” to “Stand By You,” there’s something unmistakably inspirational about the singer/songwriter’s music. That’s particularly true of her new single. “Soldiers,” the first taste of Rachel’s third or fifth album (depending on how you decipher her discography) is a soaring ballad about faith and perseverance. “We’re all soldiers on our own, trying find our way back home,” she begins the song.

“And at the end of the day nothing matters anyway, just the love that we have made.” The hitmaker continues to share warm words of encouragement on the chorus. “No matter how the light may fade, we’ll carry on — it’s how we’re raised,” she belts. “We might fall, but we won’t break.” All in all, “Soldiers” is just the kind of uplifting anthem that 2020 sorely needs. After dabbling in dance-pop on 2017’s Waves, it looks like Rachel has returned to her true calling. Listen to “Soldiers” below.

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