Emotional Oranges Ft. Biig Piig “Body & Soul”

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Emotional Oranges Ft. Biig Piig “Body & Soul”

Just need that one thing.

Emotional Oranges nothing but good vibes on their new single featuring Biig Piig. The track is off the R&B/Pop duo’s upcoming JUICEBOX.

Anchored by jazzy chords and mellow drums, members A and V trade their flirtatious vocals, while West London Biig Piig chimes in with care-free assist.

“We DM’d Jess after hearing her song ‘Don’t Turn Around’ and she happened to have just moved to L.A. from London”, Emotional Oranges tells Complex. They add, “We made two dope ideas the first day we got in the studio and have become close ever since – she’s an unbelievably talented writer and an overall great human”.

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