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Chief Keef, Still Almighty

Chief Keef has always marched to the beat of his own 808s. Since exploding into fame as a teenager in the early 2010s, he’s eschewed obvious paths to mainstream success in favor of solitary creation, immersing himself in all his creative yearnings as he’s unloaded multiple careers’ worth of material and cultivated status as a […]


WHITE COLLAR PRISON Tackles Injustice with New Single “If It’s Not Too Much Trouble (You’re Going to Jail)”

In their latest single, “If It’s Not Too Much Trouble (You’re Going to Jail),” WHITE COLLAR PRISON dives deep into the world of white-collar crime and its often overlooked consequences. This dynamic duo, composed of Gregory James Jenkins and Neil Garguilo, is known for their sharp social commentary and satirical approach to music. Their new […]

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