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Nap Eyes – “Demons”

Nap Eyes, the ramshackle Canadian folk-rock poets, returned last month after three years away with a pair of new songs. Today they have another new single out. “Demons,” adapted from a phantasmagorical poem by Russian Romantic poet Alexander Pushkin (and not the hall of fame Trouble Will Find Me track), is a remarkable accomplishment. It […]

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Chappell Roan Chokes Up At Raleigh Show As Bonnaroo Announces They’re Moving Her To A Bigger Stage: “My Career Is Going Really Fast, And It’s Really Hard To Keep Up”

Music-festival lineups and plans are usually locked into place long before they’re announced, and those festivals can struggle to respond when they’ve booked an artist who’s suddenly surging in popularity. That’s happening right now with Chappell Roan, currently on the kind of meteoric rise that we don’t see too often. Roan’s current tour was meant […]

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