Kanye West at 2% in First Poll Since Announcing Presidential Run


Kanye West at 2% in First Poll Since Announcing Presidential Run

Kanye West may want to be president, but he has a long way to go if it’s actually going to happen (for a number of reasons).

In the first piece of polling data to take into account the rapper/mogul’s candidacy, West is polling at a not-so-good 2%. Redfield & Wilton Strategies polled 2,000 registered voters in the U.S. and let’s just say that they’re not as impressed with West’s platform as he seems to be. Joe Biden leads the pack with 48%, with Donald Trump in second with 40%. When West is included in the poll, Trump’s number dips to 39% while Biden’s remains the same.

On July 4, West issued his own declaration when he announced a presidential run. He was initially supported by Elon Musk, who has since walked back his endorsement following West’s interview with ForbesWest also shared in that interview that he’s no longer voting for President Trump, he had COVID-19 and is an anti-vaxxer.

Trump’s hope to run against Kanye, something that the pres himself said he wanted in 2015, may actually harm the president if the numbers are accurate.

West shared a new song that was a tribute to his late-mother on Sunday. Titled “Donda,” the tune features Donda West reciting the lyrics to KRS-One’s “Sound of Da Police.”

See the poll results below.

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