Alison Mosshart – “It Ain’t Water”


Alison Mosshart – “It Ain’t Water”

Alison Mosshart, of the Kills and the Dead Weather fame, hadn’t released a solo song of her own until last month’s “Rise” despite over two decades in the rock game. But today she’s sharing another new song, “It Ain’t Water,” which will be featured on a 7″ that’s coming out in the summer. Mosshart worked with producer Alain Johannes on the track. “Working with Alain on ‘It Ain’t Water’ was a blast. He’s such a talent and such a kind person. His mind is wide open,” she said in a statement, continuing:

He understands and sees the beauty in imperfection, magic moments, accidents- the soulful human stuff, and the spirited super-human hard to explain stuff that makes a song great. Working with him was an honor, and also, hot damn he can play any instrument like a champ… like he invented the instrument himself. Alain Johannes IS music.

Watch a video for the track, which Mosshart shot in her home, below.

The “Rise” / “It Ain’t Water” 7″ will be out on 7/31 via Domino. Pre-order it here.

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