Anjimile – "Maker"


Anjimile – "Maker"

The Boston-based musician Anjimile Chithambo has been releasing music on their own for a few years now, through a series of releases that have been largely scrubbed from the internet to make way for what’s now being billed as Anjimile’s debut album, Giver Taker.

“A lot of the album was written when I was literally in the process of improving my mental health, so there’s a lot of hopefulness and wonder at the fact that I was able to survive,” Chithambo said in a press release. “Not only survive but restart my life and work towards becoming the person I was meant to be.”

Today, we’re getting the album’s lead single, “Maker.” It’s gorgeous, a spindly acoustic guitar gaining more muscle behind it as the song goes along and Anjimile builds up confidence: “I’m not a just a boy, I’m a man/ I’m not just a man, I’m a god/ I’m not just a god, I’m a maker,” they sing, little adornments flittering into existence that take “Maker” from a stark folk song to something groovier and more energizing. “Have you ever seen anything quite like this? Have you ever known anything quite like this?” Anjimile repeats toward the end.

“This song relates to me coming to terms with my transgender identity, ruminating on the lack of acceptance from my parents, and kind of relating my transness to the father/son/holy ghost trinity,” they said of the track.

Listen below.

01 “Your Tree”
02 “Baby No More”
03 “In Your Eyes”
04 “1978”
05 “Not Another Word”
06 “Maker”
07 “Ndimakukonda”
08 “Giver Taker”
09 “To Meet You There”

Giver Taker is out 9/18 via Father/Daughter Records. Pre-order it here.

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