Black King Savior Comments On Social Injustice On New Track ‘Going Crazy’


Black King Savior Comments On Social Injustice On New Track ‘Going Crazy’

Black King Savior released a new number ‘Going Crazy’ – a tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement and all victims of social injustice. On his new track, Black King Savior describes the cultural forces that shape us. He openly criticizes our politically and socially challenging state, he is ready to protest and walk the streets with his fist up in order to bring equity. 

His text is passionate and emotional, yet still thoughtful, balanced, and well written. Verses like ‘You can give us death, or you can give us liberty’ give you a feeling of anxiety, and excitement. ‘Going Crazy’ is a motivating, and uplifting message for those who stand on the front line during protests and struggle to fight for their rights every day. 

‘Going Crazy’ is quickly going to become a cult classic, so if you haven’t got a chance to check it out, do it now!

About Black King Savior (source: Spotify)

Chicago-based rapper-songwriter Black King Savior, the oldest of eight siblings, his childhood was filled with obstacles and hardships, but his life improved when his family moved to Chicago after receiving public assistance. His straightforward and honest style easily separates him from his peers, giving him a distinct appeal rare to most rap catalogues.

He advocates for a systemic change in the way police have been operating, but also to ensure equality of chances in all fields for the Black community. Although his number one passion has always been revolving around music, he first got involved in many non-profit organizations, and even co-founded Transitional Training Services, and later on founded The Felony Free Society, and led the infamous march in the Chicago Defender, when he and 50+ people created a Body Bag Demonstration at the Daley Center, to bring awareness to gun violence in Chicago.

He knows what he is talking about, and it can be felt throughout each verse of the sophisticated “Going Crazy” track, one that will undoubtedly resonate massively with the millions of people seeking justice in the United States and beyond.

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