Boris – “Anti-Gone”


Boris – “Anti-Gone”

Tomorrow, the prolific and long-running Japanese fuzz-metal overlords Boris will self-release their new album NO. Let me just tell you: I have heard NO. It is raw as fuck, and it kicks every conceivable variety of ass. For many of us, Boris are the kind of band that you can sometimes take for granted. They did, after all, just release a double album last year. They’re always cranking out new music. But even with that in mind, NO is a total destroyer, the sort of thing that you can enjoy even if you don’t think you care much about Boris.

Boris only just announced the new LP last week, and we’ve already posted the seven-minute lead single “Loveless.” That song rules, but “Anti-Gone,” the new one that Boris just shared today, rules even harder. “Anti-Gone” is a total ripper, a Motörhead-style D-beat growl that pummels like nobody’s business. If you like riffs, you will like this song.

Boris have made an “Anti-Gone” video, but the members of the band aren’t in it. They’ve been under quarantine, and they haven’t been able to gather in Tokyo. Instead, directors fangsanalsatan and Ryuta MUrayama film dancer Kanoko Takeuchi as she whirls and spinkicks her way through clouds of smoke in an empty club. Check it out below.

NO is out on 7/3. Pre-order it here.

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