Civic – “Radiant Eye” & “Making Time” (The Creation Cover)


Civic – “Radiant Eye” & “Making Time” (The Creation Cover)

These days, there’s a whole lot of great guitar-rock coming out of Australia — be it hardcore or psych or post-punk or, um, AC/DC. The Melbourne band Civic don’t really fit into any of those designations. Instead, Civic make a raw, snorting, immediate form of rock ‘n’ roll. It’s fast and sloppy and reckless, so you might call it punk. But it’s also got a whole lot more sweaty, stompy swagger than most of what people call punk these days.

Civic have released a few EPs over the past two years, and today, they’ve come out with a banger of a two-song single. One of those songs is the original track “Radiant Eye,” a shimmying ripper that reaches another level when the horn-blats come in. The other is a cover. It’s a blistering run through “Making Time,” a 1966 big-riff wig-out from the British band the Creation. (If you’re driving yourself nuts trying to figure out how you know “Making Time,” it’s the song that Wes Anderson used to soundtrack the Rushmore montage of Max Fischer doing all the school activities.) Check out both songs below.

“Radiant Eye” b/w “Making Time” is out now on Flightless Records.

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