Ela Minus – "Megapunk"


Ela Minus – "Megapunk"

Back in April, the Colombian-born/Brooklyn-based electronic musician Ela Minus shared an excellent new single called “they told us it was hard, but they were wrong.” (It ranked amongst our favorite songs that week.) A shadowy dance track with a defiant mantra as its chorus, the song had an eerie, prescient bit of resonance arriving into the thick of pandemic lockdown — the kind of music that gave you a bit of a ghostly anchor to hang onto as the world was looking bleaker and bleaker and as you got angrier and angrier with the people who are, nominally at least, leading everyone else.

Now Minus is back with another new one called “Megapunk” and it’s even more uncannily fitting for our times without being planned as such. This fact is not lost on her. “When I wrote this song last year, I was worried it would lose context if not released immediately,” Minus said in a statement. “I could not have been more wrong. This is the perfect time to put this out. We have to keep going. Ánimo y fuerza.”

“Megapunk” is certainly cut from the same cloth as “they told us it was hard, but they were wrong.” It’s a greyscale electronic song with Minus singing in a flattened, spectral hush. But it has more of a direct rallying cry than its predecessor. Thoughts like “We can’t seem to find/ A reason to stay quiet/ We’re afraid we’ll run out of time/ To stand up for our rights” are answered by the insistent “You won’t make us stop” litany that runs through the song. Appropriately, the music is a bit more urgent and direct than “they told us it was hard,” with Minus leaning all the way into a throbbing, insistent pulse. Check it out below.

“Megapunk” is out now on Domino.

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