Flatbush Zombies – "Afterlife" (Prod. James Blake)


Flatbush Zombies – "Afterlife" (Prod. James Blake)

Flatbush Zombies released their Now, More Than Ever EP in June, and they’re already back with new music today. “Afterlife” is even more exciting than your average Zombies drop, too, because it’s produced by none other than James Blake. Maybe that’s why they promoted it with a billboard in Denver and a “red carpet extravaganza” on YouTube today.

Why Denver? The billboard reads:

Juice got stoned and rented this random billboard in the middle of Denver. It’s the marketing strategy for our new song “Afterlife.” (Produced by James Blake.)

Video drops this Thursday, August 6th.

(This is definitely going to work. Good work Juice.

“Afterlife” arrives with a video by Arnaud Bresson, which you can watch below. Revisit our interview with the group here while you’re at it.

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