Gag Announce New Album 'Still Laughing', Share Title Track: Listen


Gag Announce New Album 'Still Laughing', Share Title Track: Listen

The Olympia, Washington band Gag make a ferociously ugly form of hardcore punk. You could be listening to them on headphones in a sterilized, empty Apple Store, and you’d still feel like you had basement-show funk accumulating in your pores. Gag have been around for the better part of a decade, and they’ve spun off at least a half-dozen side projects: Lower Species! Combat Knife! Mongrel! Eightball! Love Interest! Pitbul! (I did not make up a single one of those, and I’m sure I’m missing at least one.) But up until now, Gag have only released one album, 2016’s America’s Greatest Hits. That’s about to change.

Later this month, Gag will release their new LP Still Laughing, and it’ll probably be worth owning for the cover art alone. Back in April, Gag dropped the absolutely disgusting early track “High Off Gun Powder.” Today, they’ve put up the album pre-order, and they’ve also shared the album’s title track, a furious two-minute blitzkrieg with a sick lurch of a breakdown. Below, check out “Still Laughing” and “High Off Gun Powder.”

Still Laughing is out 8/28 on Iron Lung Records.

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