GuapDad 4000 & Denzel Curry’s “Little Scammer That Could” Is Ridiculously Good


GuapDad 4000 & Denzel Curry’s “Little Scammer That Could” Is Ridiculously Good

The Oakland rapper GuapDad 4000 has carved out a nice little lane for himself as a theatrical, over-the-top advocate of credit card fraud and a general all-around fun presence. I’ve liked him for a while, but I never knew he had anything like this in him. Today, GuapDad teamed up with young Miami rap great Denzel Curry for an absurdly catchy new single called “Lil Scammer That Could.” It’s one of the most purely fun songs I’ve heard in a long minutes.

“Lil Scammer That Could” takes a crucial lesson from the Quad City DJ’s’ 1996 smash “C’Mon N’ Ride It (The Train)”: It’s extremely fun, for whatever, reason, to dance to songs built around Little Engine That Could quotes. The beat, from producer James Delgado, absolutely moves, and GuapDad and Curry both talk shit exuberantly. GuapDad: “I’m eating bitches and shitting riches.” Curry: “I swipe it all, I gotta scram, proceed to hit the running man.” I just really like this song.

Director Chris Simmons’ video is a burst of bright psychedelic nonsense, with Curry and GuapDad transforming into plants and trains. Check it out below.

In other Denzel Curry news, he’s also just appeared alongside Maxo Kream on Maryland rapper IDK’s new track “Bulletproof,” from IDK’s new IDK & Friends 2 EP. Here’s that one:

“Lil Scammer That Could” and “Bulletproof” are both up on the streaming platforms now.

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