Hear Soccer Mommy And Jay Som Cover Each Other


Hear Soccer Mommy And Jay Som Cover Each Other

Soccer Mommy’s Sophie Allison has spent the last couple months since releasing her new album, color theory, playing around with what she can do within the confines of her own home while in isolation like the rest of us. She’s done livestreams of her playing Stardew Valley, she’s performed with her band in the Club Penguin knockoff game (which recently got shut down), and she did a little 8-bit tour around some cities that she was supposed to play.

Her next project is called Soccer Mommy & Friends — it’s a singles series that will feature Allison and another artist covering each other. She’s launching the series with Jay Som’s Melina Duterte — Allison covered Jay Som’s stellar early track “I Think You’re Alright” and Duterte did Soccer Mommy’s color theory single “lucy.” Other artists participating down the line include MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden, Beabadoobee and Beach Bunny. A new entry in the series will be release every other week.

“I’m super excited to kick things off with this Jay Som collab because Melina really made such an awesome new version of ‘lucy,’” Allison said in a statement. “I have also always loved her song ‘I Think You’re Alright,’ so it was great to get a chance to cover it. It has such a sweet tenderness to it that just makes you feel warm inside.”

“I had an extremely fun time recording the ‘lucy’ cover,” Duterte added. “Sophie has such a special way of entwining catchy melodies and sometimes dark chord progressions. I feel very lucky to be a part of this comp!”

Listen to both below.

The Soccer Mommy & Friends cover series will release a new songs every two weeks. They’ll be available here.

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