Hidden Mothers – “Beneath, To The Earth”


Hidden Mothers – “Beneath, To The Earth”

The Sheffield band Hidden Mothers have a grand, clangorous sound. It’s somewhere between black metal and post-hardcore, and it also draws from shoegaze and goth and screamo. If you’re into the bands who exist at those different intersection points — Deafheaven, Envy, Infant Island, Svalbard — then Hidden Mothers offer a whole lot to like.

Hidden Mothers haven’t been around long; their first release was a single 2019 track called “The Longest Journey Yet.” Next month, though, Hidden Mothers will release their self-titled debut EP, and they’ve just shared the first of its three tracks. The ambitious six-minute rager “Beneath, To The Earth” combines roiling, cathartic intensity with long stretches of contemplative quiet. It’s pretty great! Listen below.

The Hidden Mothers EP is out 9/18 on Surviving Sounds.

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