Is This Mysterious Occult Classic Album Actually By Illuminati Hotties?


Is This Mysterious Occult Classic Album Actually By Illuminati Hotties?

Yesterday, artists including PUP, Lucy Dacus, and Sadie Dupuis tweeted a link to a mysterious album on SoundCloud. It’s a self-titled release from a project called Occult Classic. The SoundCloud upload offers no further details, but let me tell ya, this shit rips.

The first song is called “will i get cancelled if i write a song called, ‘if you were a man you’d be so cancelled.’” It’s a discordant and chaotic indie rock track featuring the memorable lyric, “Let’s smash to a podcast!” Think of it as a circa-2020 version of the Dismemberment Plan — so of course I love it. Things continue on a spazz-pop wavelength from there, veering between wild aural assaults and more conventionally catchy rock songs like the surf-rockin’ “frequent letdown.” The whole thing rules.

So, who are Occult Classic? Notably, the LA producer Kill The Noise released an album called Occult Classic in 2015, but this ain’t that. Sleuths on Reddit’s indieheads forum have a better idea: Is this a secret Illuminati Hotties album? The voice certainly resembles IH mastermind Sarah Tudzin, the genre-jumping approach matches with Kiss Yr Frenemies, and there are Illuminati Hotties shoutouts contained within. More explicitly, Shazam suggests these songs are from a release titled Free I.H.: This Is Not The One You’ve Been Waiting For. And yet it feels like the album I’ve been waiting for my whole life? Dig into it below.

UPDATE: Aaaaaaaaand it’s gone. Cross your fingers that this music resurfaces soon.

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