Jordana – "Forgetter"


Jordana – "Forgetter"

Back when Jordana Nye re-released her debut Classical Notions Of Happiness early in the year, it came with a couple extra songs that suggested she was expanding beyond her initial bedroom pop aesthetics. “Crunch” and “Sway” began to establish a whole new fleshed-out, heavier, ’90s-indebted style, and then Jordana announced the Something To Say EP, the first in a two-part EP series to be released in the second half of 2020. So far, with songs like “I’ll Take It Boring” and “Big,” it appears that the EP will make good on those gestures towards a new sound for Jordana.

Now, ahead of Something To Say’s arrival this Friday, Jordana has shared one more preview of the EP. It arrives in the form of “Forgetter,” the EP’s closer. “Forgetter is a song about self reflection,” Jordana said in a statement. “It’s about the times I’ve let people down in relationships and the unhealthy ways I’ve coped with my own shortcomings.”

“Forgetter” might wrangle with past mistakes, but musically it might locate the sound of someone moving beyond those transgressions and finding just a bit more wisdom, or just a bit more peace with themselves. It features Jordana singing above a light-footed indie-pop arrangement, the gentle insistence of the bass and keys pushing her towards the moment of release, when the beat kicks in properly for the chorus. Altogether it feels like a sort of breezy, autumnal reverie, and it seems like it’ll work great as the end of one Jordana EP setting the stage for whatever comes next. The song also comes with a video directed by Tess Lafia and animated by Lily Lin. Check it out below.

The Something To Say EP is out 7/31 via Grand Jury. Pre-order it here.

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