Oily Boys – “Virgo Season” & “Priest In A Hatchback”


Oily Boys – “Virgo Season” & “Priest In A Hatchback”

Oily Boys are a Sydney band who make raw, spluttery, ugly hardcore punk that sometimes veers off into psychedelic noise-rock territory. (They share members with Low Life, who had the impressive post-punk album Downer Edn last year.) Oily Boys have been around for the better part of a decade, but they only just got around to releasing their debut album Cro Memory Grin this past summer. It’s a fucking banger of a record, an all-out violent vision quest. Today, the band has dropped a couple of new songs onto Bandcamp.

Oily Boys two new tracks are called “Virgo Season” and “Priest In A Hatchback,” and taken together, they demonstrate the band’s range. “Virgo Season” is a ridiculous minute-long rage-sprint, a chaotic rabies-lurch of a song. It sounds like Void in a wind tunnel. “Priest In A Hatchback,” on the other hand, is a slow, scuzzy death-march full of discordant free-jazz flute-shrieks and slow-building doom riffage. Both of them come from the Cro Memory Grin sessions, and both of them are absolutely mean. Check them out below.

If you’re into that, you really owe it to yourself to check out all of Cro Memory Gin. You can do that below.

“Virgo Season” b/w “Priest In A Hatchback” is out now on Winter Garden Records. Cro Memory Grin is out now on Cool Death Records.

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