Widowspeak – "Even True Love"


Widowspeak – "Even True Love"

Back in June, the reliably pretty and hazy folk-rock group Widowspeak announced their latest album, Plum. So far we’ve heard several songs from it, including “Breadwinner,” “Money,” and its title track. Today, with the album’s late August release quickly approaching, the band has shared another preview.

The latest glimpse of Plum is called “Even True Love.” Here’s what frontwoman Molly Hamilton had to say about it:

Prior to writing “Even True Love,” I’d been sitting with some existential dread for the last year or so; honestly, sort of overwhelmed by the recognition that life is absurd and finite. The song itself is upbeat, kind of cruising. I was thinking about those youth-glorifying “yolo” type songs and that big mood, but also feeling like there’s so much more to it than that. Maybe because they only live once, humans tend to want to possess things: objects, success, money, experiences, people. True Love. Amassing the most and best of whatever while you can. But that never really landed with me; I think this one is more about being present with the unknown, letting things go a little more, trying not to hold on too tight.

This is fitting territory for a Widowspeak song. “Even True Love” is right in their zone, something that feels like a maybe disquieting daydream that’s answered with a warm beauty — perhaps finding comfort in that embrace of undefined and enigmatic feelings Hamilton referenced. Check it out below.

Plum is out 8/28 on Captured Tracks. Pre-order it here.

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