Celeste Soars On “I Can See The Change”


Celeste Soars On “I Can See The Change”

New Find: Celeste’s ‘Strange’

Since rolling out the staggeringly good “Strange” in 2019, Celeste has been heralded as The Next Big Thing. And, so far, that sounds about right considering the quality of “Stop This Flame” and now “I Can See The Change.” Produced by FINNEAS, the Brit’s latest is stripped-back, optimistic ballad. “I can see the change,” she begins the song. “Come what may, I won’t regret today.” After posing a series of powerful questions, Celeste comes to a decision on the chorus: “No, it’s not for me anymore.”

What inspired the song? “I felt disconnected from myself and the world around me, so I knew something needed to change,” the newcomer explains. “It’s difficult for me to fully articulate, but when I started writing the song I pictured a blurry, unidentified image far off in the distance that I knew I had to move closer to in order to understand what it was and perhaps what it meant, but also realizing that the journey wasn’t going to be easy. Ultimately the song is about hope and change but knowing that to obtain this requires effort, patience and conviction.”

Listen to Celeste’s soothing, soaring “I Can See The Change” below.

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