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Soviet Kitsch Turns 20

Discovery stories don’t get much more indicative of an artist’s talent than the one that producer Gordon Raphael tells about Regina Spektor. Raphael says he first heard Spektor play at a studio in the East Village, after being encouraged to meet up by mutual friend and drummer Alan Bezozi. “I said hello, and she smiled, […]

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Westerman – “A Lens Turning”

This week, Westerman is releasing his sophomore album, An Inbuilt Fault, the follow-up to his 2020 debut Your Hero Is Not Dead. He started rolling it out slowly last fall with “Idol; RE-run” and officially announced it back in February with “CSI: Petralona,” and then “Take” followed. Today, he’s back with one last advance preview […]

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Bamboozle 2023 Has Been Canceled

From 2003-2012, the New Jersey music festival known as the Bamboozle emerged as a showcase for the rising-and-then-cresting MySpace emo wave, and it was successful enough to spin off sister festivals and the touring Bamboozle Roadshow. (Our own Tom Breihan reflected on his experience at the 2006 edition of the festival in a column a […]

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