Album: Lil Yachty ‘Let’s Start Here’

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Album: Lil Yachty ‘Let’s Start Here’


Lil Yachty is back.

After capping off the year with his viral hit “Poland“, Lil Yachty keeps the new music going with the release of his fifth studio album, Let’s Start Here.

Described as a “non-rap album” but ” a psychedelic, alternative project,” Lil Boat goes dolo throughout the 14-track set which includes the tracks “The Black Seminole”, “The Ride”, “Pretty”, ‘Drive Me Crazy”, “Should I B?”, and more.

Let’s Start Here marks Lil Yachty’s first album since 2020’s Lil Boat 3 and his first project since his Michigan Boy Boat mixtape in 2021.

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