Conway The Machine Ft. Juicy J, Sauce Walka “Super Bowl”

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Conway The Machine Ft. Juicy J, Sauce Walka “Super Bowl”


And the winner is.

Conway The Machine puts his head in the game with his victory anthem, “Super Bowl” featuring Juicy J and Sauce Walka.

Backed by Juicy J’s slapping production, Conway pops off with his gritty verse. “Still keep the Drac’ with beam and extensions / Still gon’ air it if it’s tension,” he raps. “Told ’em “I don’t really like that”, they ain’t listen / Shoot it quick, I ain’t missing.”

Sauce Walka keeps it H-Town down (“I done got rich out the streets, with the Conway / I’m from the home of the queen, that’s Beyoncé / But I done seen Destiny’s Child die from gunplay.”), while Juicy J keeps it ratchet to the fullest (“Bitch, you can pull your pants up / Who told you we was finna fuck? I want top first / Hollywood address, all type of access / But I had to get it off the block first.”)

“Super Bowl” is the first single off Conway The Machine’s upcoming album, Won’t He Do It, the follow-up to last year’s God Don’t Make Mistakes. and scheduled to be released on March 31.

“Super Bowl” is just one of them ONES! Big rings, big ice on, big money, celebrating BIG WINS, ” says Conway. “In life, you gotta be proud of yourself for all of your hard work paying off.  A win is a blessing, and you always gotta count your blessings. Shout out to my brother Juicy J, he sent me this hard ass beat, and I did a verse to it immediately. Then I’m like nah, what would REALLY be crazy is my bro Sauce Walka on it too! Sent it to bro, he smoked it, then I sent it to Juice Mane and he smoked it, and here you have it!”

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