Conway The Machine, Wun Two “Mind Tricks”

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Conway The Machine, Wun Two “Mind Tricks”


Made ya look.

Conway The Machine and produce Wun Two are not letting up with their latest drop, “Mind Tricks”.

Over Wun Two’s spooky production, Conway delivers a hot verse featuring a tripped-out hook featuring KNDRX.

“Thirty shots, right hand, stir the pot,” Conway begins. “Main street murder block, that’s real / Uh, got the muzzle on the Glocks / Murder opps, murder cops, that’s real / Play with me, you’ll get your cap peeled / Hollow tips send ’em clips to Maxfield.”

“Mind Tricks” follows Conway and Wun Two’s previous “Cosca” and are both off their upcoming album, Palermo on December 22. Conway’s hot off the release of his Conductor Machine EP produced by Conductor Williams.

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