JID “2007”

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JID “2007”

Ahead of his album The Forever Story on August 26, JID shares a loosie titled “2007”.

Produced by Latrell James, Groove, and Christo, JID reflects on his come up and his rise to success. The track also features vocals from his father, J.Cole, and Dreamville president, Ibrahim Hamad.

“As we draw near to The Forever Story, I wanna give insight on the process of trying to put together a solid body work” says JID. “Initially I wanted to create an album that serves as an origin story and speaks to who I am and what I came from. This song has been in the works for 2 years and was supposed to be the outro on the album. Things didn’t work out but this story is too pertinent to the picture we want to paint. This has been the heaviest project for me to make and I take pride in my vulnerability that came in the midst of creation.”

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