Kendrick Lamar Releases Official Music Video for ‘Not Like Us’: Watch

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Kendrick Lamar Releases Official Music Video for ‘Not Like Us’: Watch


The Certified Boogeyman from Compton, none other than rapper Kendrick Lamar, has popped out one again — this time with the much awaited music video for ‘Not Like Us’. The video comes with a proud disclaimer: No OVHOES were harmed during the making of this video. The keyword is ‘during’ — talk about rubbing it in!

Ever since what’s been widely acknowledged as a Kendrick victory over Drake, the atmosphere has been ripe with excitement for the new Dot video. Kendrick repped LA in a way that made his community proud, and boy did they show up for him at the sets of the video!

Prior to the video’s release, audiences around the globe figured out something was afoot; with LA residents across sets and otherwise joining Kendrick in the filming of this masterpiece, there was palpable pandemonium — this is, of course, translated beautifully in the video itself, where Kendrick destroys the OVO piñata and performs confidently alongside his city.

The video captures the LA culture of hip hop beautifully, and more personally, also features Kendrick’s immediate family. This, perhaps, is another nail in the coffin for Drake, who continually insinuated the alleged mistreatment of Kendrick’s family at the hands of the rap legend. The video also features the entirety of Black Hippy, which is a moment of true nostalgia for many fans of hip hop. Check out the video below to get your groove back on!

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