Kiana Lede Ft. Ella Mai “Jealous”

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Kiana Lede Ft. Ella Mai “Jealous”


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There’s a “Jealous” girl in town on Kiana Lede’s new single featuring Ella Mai.

Produced by VRon, the two R&B singers link and share their insecurities of their man.

“See how all them girls look at you / But I carry your name, yeah / So every time they see me, they gon’ see you,” sings the Phoenix-native, before Ella pulls up. “Don’t make me pull up on you just to make it loud and clear / I know you do this shit on purpose,” adds Mai.

The track, which arrives on the Kiana Lede’s 26th birthday, is her first single since last year’s “Irresponsible“.

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