Shenseea “Waistline”

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Shenseea “Waistline”


Drop that waistline.

With all the right measurements, Jamaican superstar Shenseea drops it like it’s hot with her brand new single, “Waistline”.

Over London On Da Track. Azul and Gray Hawken’s bassline, the dancehall artist whines to the groove while serenading her male interest.

“Must be UPS, the way you drop off the sex for me / Click, clack, boom when you kill it, that’s a casualty, ” she sings. “Take it there, send me over / Baby, talk to me, talk to me reckless.”

“Waistline” is the follow-up to her previous “Talk Truth” and “Sold Out“. Shenseea can also be heard on The Chainsmokers’ recent single, “My Bad“.

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