Summer Rain Will Have You Reminisce About Love In “Let Me Tell You”

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Summer Rain Will Have You Reminisce About Love In “Let Me Tell You”

“Let Me Tell You” is Summer Rain’s newest single with hundreds of views on YouTube and Spotify. Unmistakably fresh, this song manages to connect to the classic era of song-production and is most definitely a hit to be remembered. 

The guitar chords combined with the exciting beats and polished vocals make “Let Me Tell You” unexpectedly charming and memorable, especially considering the overall theme. This song is about falling in love with a person and the awkward shyness that surfaces when you try to tell them about it. But “Let Me Tell You” is executed so beautifully that the listener can only think back to their own time of first, innocent love.

The Canadian band has three members  Will McLelland as lead vocalist and guitarist, Logan Hale on drums and slide whistle, and Josh Beausoleil on bass and vocals. Their previous song, also belonging to the thematics of love, is called “Hold Her Hand” and has been wildly popular with thousands of views and streams. With such successes this year, Summer Rain is promising to become one of the most influential rock bands ever.

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