Trap Star Matuê Goes Viral With Latest Hit Single “Quer Voar”

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Trap Star Matuê Goes Viral With Latest Hit Single “Quer Voar”

Brazilian trap artist Matuê has been gaining extreme popularity with his new track “Quer Voar,” meaning “I want to fly.” If you are looking for a song to help you in overcoming whatever you are going through, this emerging Brazilian artist has got a solution: just add “Quer Voar” as well as other tracks by the artist to your playlist, and find your perfect daily dose of motivation and energy! 

The artist who has himself faced major obstacles over the course of his life, aims at using his platform to remind people that they are capable of becoming everything they dream of becoming! And Matuê himself is a huge source of inspiration: an unknown name coming from Brazil, already conquering America and the whole world. Two weeks after dropping, “Quer Voar,” he has already had more than 50 million worldwide streams, being listed #2 on Spotify Global Debuts Chart, overthrowing successful artists like Karol G, Dua Lipa, and MGK. 

The music video for “Quer Voar” has already gained more than 46 million views in just four weeks! Imagine how much time this young artist has ahead of him to bring to fruition all of his goals and dreams, and, at the same time, continue encouraging people to never give up and keep their heads high, facing hardships with pride, grace, and a heart full of hope for a better future. 

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