Turk Ny: Dropping One Hit After Another

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Turk Ny: Dropping One Hit After Another

After his hit “Only a Millie”, Turk Ny dropped another banger with the title “Meddling”. The rapper from Queens, NY is known for the versatile range that he delivers in his songwriting and also his skillful flow.

Both with creative visuals, the two songs currently have +25K views on YouTube already! 

The rhythmic beats of both “Only a Millie” and “Meddling” will make you bop your head involuntarily for the entire duration of the songs. 

Just like his two previous songs “Only a Millie” and “Two Things”, the rapper makes another money reference in his third single. However, money is not the only thing that Turk Ny has on his mind. “Meddling” seems to have a deeper meaning in its lyrics as the rapper references some past memories and how it’s been sitting on his chest. 

Previously, when asked about his inspiration, the Queens rapper has mentioned Michael Jackson to be one of his biggest inspirations. And from the current music scene, Bryson Tiller seems to have influenced Turk and motivated him to get back to the studio. 

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Watch the music video of “Meddling” below. 

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