Video: Logic Ft. Lucy Rose “Wake Up”

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Video: Logic Ft. Lucy Rose “Wake Up”


Everyday wake up.

Just a month after its premiere, Logic brings his “Wake Up” track to life in the accompanying music video.

Directed by Mac Grant and Chad Tennies, the D.M.V. rapper reflects on the harsh realities of growing up while depicted inside a household that displays various scenarios from a woman smoking weed and a kid playing with a firearm to a home robbery and a couple making out on the couch.

“Fuck all that violence and drugs in communities / This song right here is immunity,” Logic raps as a SWAT moves in and a man getting a dance from a stripper. “They call it the trap cause they trapping us / Take our money then they don’t give it back to us.”

Featuring a narrative by Lucy Rose, “Wake Up” is the first single of Logic’s upcoming independent debut, College Park which drops February 24.

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