Aidan Noell & Nancy Whang – “Sharevari” (A Number Of Names Cover)


Aidan Noell & Nancy Whang – “Sharevari” (A Number Of Names Cover)

Every year, we post one new solo track from Nation Of Language member Aidan Noell. In 2020, it was “Prepositional Phrase.” In 2021, it was “Selective Service.” In 2022, it’s a cover of A Number of Names’ early Detroit techno classic “Sharevari.” It’s a collaboration with LCD Soundsystem’s Nancy Whang, produced and mixed by Nick Millhiser of Holy Ghost!

Here’s Noell:

Making this song became about being someone else for a little while. At a time when everything around us is difficult and grating and extremely real, for these six minutes I indulge in a total fantasy – an alternate universe, both of the past and future, that’s mysterious and sexy and fun. Inhabiting that world as a character who is unaffected and cool was a brief and welcome respite for me, and I hope that listening to it can transport others to that place as well.

Listen below.

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