Furrows – “Grey Cities”


Furrows – “Grey Cities”

Fisher King is the debut album from Furrows, aka singer-songwriter and former Berklee jazz student Peter Wagner. Supposedly Grizzly Bear’s Yellow House was a big deal for him, and you can hear it in his music, though Fisher King‘s lead single “Grey Cities” errs more on the brisk and featherweight side, in the airspace between Sufjan Stevens and Beach Fossils.

Here’s Wagner’s statement on the song:

“Grey Cities” is an elegy for the ghosts we all carry with us. The song is a meditation on the things that once seemed so solid and eternal, before dissolving in our hands, slipping through our fingers, and escaping beyond our reach into the open world, forever beyond our grasp. Unseen, but always there.

Listen below.

Fisher King is out 10/15.

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