Jeff Rosenstock Shares New Songs On '2020 DUMP' Collection


Jeff Rosenstock Shares New Songs On '2020 DUMP' Collection

A few months ago, Jeff Rosenstock surprise released a whole new album, NO DREAM — one of the best albums of 2020 so far — and he’s not done yet. Rosenstock has just uploaded a handful of new songs to his Bandcamp in a collection called 2020 DUMP, which he says will be updated with more material throughout the year.

“Yoooooo I have been recording stuff at home and I’m going to continue to post it here. Hope ya like it,” he wrote. “Please do not feel obliged to spend money on this music. I do not intend for it to be monetized. Any money that comes in through Bandcamp for these songs will be donated to charitable causes, but less money will get taken out if you just do that directly on your own – which I encourage you to do if you can afford it. And if not, it’s cool.”

Today, he’s shared four new songs: “DEPT OF FINANCE,” “COLLAPSE!,” “ACAB,” and “DONE DONE DONE” and they run the gamut of sounds, from fuzzy and satisfying to funky and uneasy. Most of them feature vocals from Laura Stevenson. Check ‘em out below.

2020 DUMP is available now.

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