Katy Perry – “All You Need Is Love” (The Beatles Cover)


Katy Perry – “All You Need Is Love” (The Beatles Cover)

The Beatles’ starry-eyed 1967 single “All You Need Is Love” is almost certainly the worst of that band’s 20 #1 hits. Today, the song reaches a sort of logical conclusion. Katy Perry, someone with a whole lot of #1 hits herself, has covered “All You Need Is Love” for a Gap ad campaign.

Perry is the star of a new wintry-themed Gap commercial. It’s a full-circle moment for Perry, who wrote on Instagram that she used to work at the Gap in Santa Barbara 20 years ago. The long-tenured veteran director Mark Romanek made the Gap commercial, which is at least a little bit meta. It’s Perry rolling out of bed and being chauffeured to the commercial shoot. But in the end, it’s just a commercial. Along those same lines, Perry’s version of “All You Need Is Love” sounds exactly like Katy Perry covering “All You Need Is Love” for a Gap commercial. No surprises here.

Apparently, the Gap is donating some money to Baby2Baby, a charity that supports kids in poverty, along with this whole campaign. Specifically, Baby2Baby gets a dollar for every stream of the “All You Need Is Love” cover on Spotify. But the Gap is only doing that for the first 100,000 streams, so don’t feel obligated to play that. Still, if you’re curious, you can hear Perry’s cover and watch the Gap ad below.

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