Osees Announce New LP 'Metamorphosed', Share New Single "Electric War": Listen


Osees Announce New LP 'Metamorphosed', Share New Single "Electric War": Listen

There’s a new Osees album out today. John Dwyer’s long-running Californian psychedelic-punk institution — also known as Oh Sees and Thee Oh Sees, among many other names — have just released the playfully frantic LP Protean Threat. They’ve been building up to that release for months. So now that Protean Threat is out in the world, what does John Dwyer do? He just goes and announces another damn Osees record. You have to love the audacity.

Next month, Osees will release a five-song, 24-minute 12″ called Metamorphosed. The music on the record comes from the same sessions that produced Face Stabber, the towering and furious record that Oh Sees released last year. Those sessions also led to the release of The 12″ Synth 12″ a few months later. But judging by the lead single, a slashing and rumbling two-minute ripper called “Electric War,” this will not be a DVD-extras type of release. This song kicks all kinds of ass. Listen below.

In a press release, Dwyer explains the circumstances behind the Metamophosed release:

This is just how the release landed. We are trying to stagger the releases a bit this year and we have a salvo coming down the pipe, so that’s how the cookie crumbled. Metamorphosed would’ve been out sooner but with the virus restrictions, shipping of LPs has obviously slowed down and so has manufacturing, so here we are.

Metamorphosed is out 10/16 on Rock Is Hell. Also, Dwyer got Henry Rollins to write the press release, which is cool.

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