Slowthai – "ENEMY"


Slowthai – "ENEMY"

Last year, the English rapper Slowthai released his debut album, Nothing Great About Britain. Since then, he’s teamed up on a handful of tracks by other artists and made headlines for his behavior at awards shows. That behavior has included the time when he held up a fake severed head of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the time when he was a total asshole at the NME Awards, which was enough to get him kicked out of the event.

Today, he’s shared a new song called “ENEMY” that seems to reference what happened at those awards. It opens with a sample of the 1975’s Matty Healy saying “Everyone send your thoughts to Slowthai, fuck knows where he is but God bless the boy… fucking nightmare,” which is from their performance at that same show. The track also includes a robotic voice saying, “​Slowthai, you have officially been cancelled.”

Listen to it below.

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