Stream UK Indie Upstarts Pet Shimmers' Second Album Of 2020, 'Trash Earthers'


Stream UK Indie Upstarts Pet Shimmers' Second Album Of 2020, 'Trash Earthers'

The six-piece Bristol, UK indie band Pet Shimmers released their debut album Face Down In Meta back in January, and they’re already back today with a second LP called Trash Earthers. This one came to our attention straight out of the comments section, for which we extend our heartfelt gratitude because it’s some very good shit.

Trash Earthers finds Pet Shimmers at the intersection of a few different strains of indie rock. I can hear tourmate Alex G’s hallucinatory pop deconstructions in there, as well as indie-poppers both plucky (Trust Fund) and bleary (Strange Ranger) and a whole range of shoegazers. Oliver Wilde’s richly textured lead vocals remind me of Super Furry Animals’ Gruff Rhys, and am I crazy or is there a bit of Glass Beach-style hyper-online computerized emo in the mix too? The fidelity has been raised since Face Down In Meta, but even in this newly scrubbed-up form Pet Shimmers are serving up a lush, woozy, fuzzily melodic form of alt-rock that proves you can vibe out without draining your music of its oomph.

“During this time, all we’ve been fed is what’s happening in the news, and it quite literally looks like the world is burning,” Wilde writes in a statement, “but we have to believe there’s some hope. I guess the record aims to mirror the confusion of this unfamiliar period of history.” Stream both Trash Earthers and Face Down In Meta below.

Trash Earthers is out now on the band’s own PS Records.

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