Sugar World – "Time To Kill"


Sugar World – "Time To Kill"

The San Diego-based band Sugar World, made up of Katryn Macko and Ryan Stanley (previously of Naps), have released a couple singles in the past year, including “Sad In Heaven” and “We Fell In Love,” and most recently they covered songs by Chromatics and Yo La Tengo. They’re working up to a debut album, and today they’re putting out a new single called “Time To Kill.”

It’s a blissfully fuzzed-out bit of indie-pop with a menacing edge, taking aim at political elites who make empty gestures towards progress without following through. “We’ve got time to kill/ So it’s time to kill,” Macko sings in the hook. The track fades out halfway through and transforms into an atmospheric instrumental that’s placed over a monologue that’s sampled from the 1946 propaganda film It’s Your America, which has been speculated to be directed by John Ford, who is also behind The Searchers and the 1940 Grapes Of Wrath film adaptation.

Check it out below.

“Time To Kill” is out now.

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