Told Slant – "Run Around The School"


Told Slant – "Run Around The School"

Next month, Felix Walworth is releasing a new Told Slant album, Point The Flashlight And Walk. They introduced it with two new tracks a couple weeks ago, “Family Still” and “No Backpack,” and today we’re getting another one, “Run Around The School.”

The track transforms a playful playground taunt into an affecting quiver that lays bare some serious emotions. “So I just think of you/ I run around the school/ Telling everyone/ How I think of you,” Walworth sings on it. It’s twinkling and sad, weighed down by the heaviness of life never living up to expectations.

“‘Run Around The School’ is about the allure of loving another regardless of reciprocity or the promise of being loved,” Walworth said in a statement. “It explores the beauty and delusion of pining, and of love’s power to satiate us even with its table scraps.”

Listen below.

Point The Flashlight And Walk is out 11/13 via Double Double Whammy. Pre-order it here.

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