Tomberlin – "Hours"


Tomberlin – "Hours"

Tomberlin is following up her stellar 2018 debut At Weddings with a new EP, Projections, next month. Last month, she shared “Wasted,” which topped our best songs of the week list, and today she’s back with the EP’s opening track, “Hours,” an unspooling flutter that feels like floating. “You’re always talking shit and I’m always giving it,” she sings on it. “Did you wonder when we’d kiss?/ I think you did/ Held me for hours.”

“‘Hours’ is a song ruminating on time spent with someone who makes time spent doing nothing together feel meaningful. So many love songs are like ‘love me’ or ‘i love you’, but writing this I wasn’t sure what I was feeling or the other person’s feelings,” Tomberlin said in a statement. “I have a tendency to feel the need to explain myself before I’ve even been asked to. I think this song is me trying to do that in my head instead of with that person prematurely, even though I sent this song to them directly after I wrote it.”

Listen below.

The Projections EP is out 10/16 via Saddle Creek. Pre-order it here.

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