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Vinisetheartist Drops New Single “Glitter Tears”

Vinisetheartist, a promising new talent from the Bronx, has released her latest single, “Glitter Tears.” At just 19 years old, Vinise is already carving out a distinct niche in the music scene with her unique fusion of Hip-Hop and R&B, showcasing her versatility and emotional depth. Produced by byScorez and written by Annalicia Williams, “Glitter […]

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Ayri Unveils Personal Truths In “See You Again” And “Blurry Line”

Ayri ’s latest singles, “Blurry Line” and “See You Again,” are not mere additions to her discography; they are the heartbeats of her forthcoming musical narrative. With these releases, the singer sets a precedent for artists daring to share their true selves, unperturbed by the industry’s conventional demands. These tracks offer a glimpse into her […]

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