RZA, Flatbush Zombies “Plug Addicts”


RZA, Flatbush Zombies “Plug Addicts”

Flatbush Zombies and the RZA connect.

After a brief hiatus for most of the year, Flatbush Zombies make their return on RZA’s new track, “Plug Addicts”.

Anchored by The Abbott’s sinister production and his razor sharp rhymes, Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice, and Erick Arc Elliott unleash their murderous flows towards their adversaries. The sinister clip finds the four dappered up at a remote location while rapping in cages and tormenting their hostage.

RZA and Flatbush Zombies previous collaborated in 2012 on “Just Blowin In The Wind“. In September, the Flatbush Zombies linked with DJ Scratch for their Metallica cover, “The Unforgiven“.

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